Anonymous → who are you ? are you famous outside america or in it ? , have to google your name , didn´t have to with Philip Seymour Hoffman,try to have a career out of are done :D

This is not jared and you are an idiot. Reading comprehension might help you in the future.

Hey guys - just a heads up that this tumblr is no longer updated (in case you hadn’t noticed) - all my jared posting is at my personal tumblr.

which is here. not sure if I will ever go back to posting, but keeping it open just in case. thanks for following FYJP!

What’s the best part of being a dad?

Jared: Realistically, I don’t think Sam’s gonna go be a co-ed somewhere, in a school somewhere with a desk and a trapkeeper and a pocket protector and…

Interviewer: …binders full of women?

Live Links for Supernatural tonight! [UPDATED 10.24.12]


CW-EAST, Supernatural Live in 2 hours!

please reblog so your followers can also watch it LIVE

i’ll be updating links throughout the day, if any links die lmk, ill update it

Let me know if you have any other questions

free download links of supernatural will be posted right here after the episode ends!

Jared and his hair @ TorCon ‘12 [x]

Jared films a scene for “Supernatural” [11.10]

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